YURUKSAN (The companys founded in Istanbul ,in 1977), operates with two factory buildings located in Çorlu /TURKEY,

And is specialised in the production of bleached cotton wool , cotton wool pleat and its derivatives (such as cotton buds and round cosmetic pads) and wet wipse.

The company has a total production capacity of 12000 tons/year.

The production process for the cotton wool pleat line and its derivatives is in accordance with the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) standard.

YURUKSAN is considered the leading company in Turkey in its field with commitment to quality, product knowledge,

High specialisation in hydrophile cotton wool and wet wipes production, close cooperation with customers and a very competitive pricing policy.

It is certain that YURUKSAN is well equipped to operate in today's highly specialised cotton and wet wipes business.

We believe that the ability to provide for future trends within the industry is equally important. Our staff have followed rigorous training programmes,

Which - together with our flexibility - enables us to understand and anticipate the needs of our partners.

YURUKSAN produce and pack articles with their own trademarks, Cotton Soft ,Aslanlı and Inci,

As well as products with the private labels of many of the most important trademarks of large-scale retail and organised distribution.

Our companys, respectively since 1998 , have been certified in accordance with ISO standards :

A further guarantee of the constant and rigorous respect of the standards that regulate the company's productive system.

While increasing the number of domestic agents in Turkey and without renouncing our principles of work and quality,

we would like to see you as a member of the YURUKSAN family.